Bachelor Cycle

Learning the basics of management

The Fundamental Cycle (also called Bachelor Cycle) aims to give a common base of knowledge and practices in management, general education and in several foreign languages.
Diversified lessons in economics, finance, marketing and management sciences allow students to refine their professional projects and choose their future specialization.

Three axes

Understanding the challenges of the contemporary world
Know the company in its different aspects
Learn to answer a management problem

Fundamental Cycle

  • Management Tools

    Excel Certification
    Descriptive Statistics
    Written communication skills
    Database (Access)
    Analytical Statistics
    Oral communication skills

  • Accounting

    Financial Accounting
    Financial Mathematics
    Business plan
    Management Accounting
    Financial Analysis

  • Marketing, sales and innovation

    Introduction to Marketing
    Sales Techniques
    Sales Challenge
    Mix Marketing
    Digital Marketing
    Product Innovation

  • Management and Entrepreneurship

    Management Seminar
    Business Creation
    CSR Seminar
    Green Business Project
    Associative Project Management

  • Contemporary Issues

    Content analysis methodology
    News analysis
    Contemporary Ethics
    Contemporary Values
    Great contemporary references (ex: Art History, Philosophy, Media, Culture and Society; Capitalism/Socialism and market; History of religions; Architecture and Design; Anglo-Saxon Civilization; Innovation and Creativity…)

  • Languages & Personal and Professional Project

Experiences and projects

Many experiments and projects are planned to professionalize students and put them into practical situations: internships, academic experience abroad, associative projects, interactive sessions

The teaching method is focused on the practical application of theoretical lessons. These different experiences confront students to project management (individually or in group) and to the reality of the company, in France and abroad. Students take a growing responsibilities and gain more independence in order to easily integrate the labor market.