The innovative dimension

Original teaching sessions

The professional world increasingly requires people capable of thinking outside the box and showing their creativity on a daily basis, at all the hierarchical levels, and in all sectors of activity.

For this, INSEEC Business School has implemented ‘Innovation and Creativity’ modules with the aim of training students, from the 1st year onwards, to develop a way of thinking that is both creative and innovative.

Special sessions

  • Orientation Week

    One week combining lectures and an innovating work on different themes every year. For instance, the definition of happiness today or the particular and the universal.

  • INSEEC Digital Innovation

    Students compete to create a company or develop a project within the digital sector. The aim is to teach and strengthen the students’ entrepreneurial skills.

  • The Night for Crisis Management

    During one night, a team of students must manage, in real time, a crisis situation affecting a CAC 40 company.

  • INSEEC Serious Game

    Students must take on the role of a young professional by using video game technology. It is an innovative approach to traditional academic role-playing tools.

  • INSEEC Business Game

    Multidisciplinary teams of students must compete by responding to different business situations. By using computer program, the School is able to create a virtual competitive business environment. The future of the company will change based on the decisions made by the team of students.

  • Corporate Campus Sessions

    With the assistance of corporate partners, students will work for 48 hours on a professional problem or task which corresponds with their Major. For example, marketing students will work on a marketing campaign while finance students will analyze the company’s expenditures.

  • INSEEC Green Business Week

    Students are introduced to issues surrounding sustainable development and relating stakes through a series of conferences and role-playing with real-life scenarios.

  • INSEEC Strategy 360°

    This event aims to enforce (through multidisciplinary teams), new strategic concepts (Blue Ocean, Business model…) on business activities within a well-developed sector.

Military internships to develop responsibility and leadership

A one-week immersion at ENSOA

The student volunteers who answer the selection criteria can carry out a week’s ‘Preparation of military discovery’ at the National School of Active Sub-officers (ENSOA). This training, led by sub-officers, is an opportunity for the military personnel to share and transmit to INSEEC Business School students fundamental values: a sense of duty, coordination, a team spirit.

6 months in the army instead of the final internship

Completing the one-week military immersion at ENSOA, the Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan School of Army Officers has set up a partnership with the ‘Grandes Ecoles’. Each year, the school welcomes 30 students from establishments that are members of the ‘Conférence des Grandes Ecoles’. Chosen Master 2 students have the possibility to follow a 6-month military training at Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan, in place of their final internship. After these 6 months, they receive a Sub-Lieutenant stripe and can become a Reserve Officer.
This year, 6 INSEEC Business School students participate to this program.