INSEEC Business School Program

A stimulating and innovative pedagogy

Today, companies are looking for young graduates who have general abilities with transversal skills and are also capable of fitting into multicultural project groups, and specialists who are as close as possible to the real preoccupations of management.

In order to best respond to the permanent evolutions in the professional world, INSEEC Business School has built a 3-year Master program that trains managers with solid technical skills, real open mindedness, and a large capacity for adaptation.

The teaching project implemented therefore combines the acquisition of know-how and social skills obtained through new methods, and new content that differs from that of traditional teaching methods.

Blending culture, know how and adaptability: in INSEEC Business School,
the teaching balance is a combination of open-mindedness and professional aptitude.

A 3-year Master program based on 2 cycles

Fundamental Cycle
(1st year année)

Year of the basics, it aims to give students a common base of knowledge, management practices and general culture in several foreign languages.
International incoming students usually don’t take this year’s courses, as they apply directly for the Master’s Degree curriculum with an acquired Bachelor’s degree.
Courses of the Fundamental Cycle

Master Cycle
(2nd and 3rd years)

An in-depth program, it includes the teaching in the ‘core curriculum’ and teaching majors, with the possibility of international tracks corresponding to the students’ professional choices.
This curriculum, that effectively prepares students for their integration into the working world, will end with a pre-employment work placement and the presentation of a thesis.

Courses of the Master Cycle

General knowledge and multidisciplinary

The academic year begins with a one-week managerial seminar punctuated by daily high-level conferences, workshops and working sessions. A common theme is defined for the round-tables meetings and conferences and provides both general knowledge and specalized competences.

Throughout the three years of the INSEEC Business School program, courses place general culture in the heart of the educational project. Taught by ENA graduates, philosophers, historians, political scientists and journalists, these courses lead to debates of ideas and allow students to develop effective argumentation techniques and open-minded attitude.

Experiences giving priority to situation scenarios and personal development

Interactive and stimulating teaching sessions

Each year, students are immersed in professional situations they live in real conditions: Crisis management night, Business Game, Digital Innovation Challenge, Serious Game, Negotiation contest, Strategic creativity week, sectorial sessions, Green Business Week, visits from the legal professions, etc.

International Experiences

INSEEC Business School allows its students to confront the international working situations, by organizing
International Academic Seminars (courses taught over a one-week period by lecturers from foreign partner universities) and Winter Sessions in London.

Unique immersion sessions to develop command skills

INSEEC Business School allows its students to confront situations of command, thanks to military immersion training at the National School of Active Sub-officers (ENSOA) of Saint-Maixent-l’Ecole.
The school has also developed a prestigious partnership with the school of Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan to offer chosen students the possibility, after 6 months of military training, to receive a sub-lieutenant stripe, or become a Reserve Officer.s