Study Abroad for one year

Dual degree

INSEEC Business School offers its best 2nd-year or 3rd-year students to perform an academic year abroad at renowned universities all around the world. They thus validate a prestigious dual degree: in addition to the INSEEC degree, they earn a MSc or MBA degree from the host university.

To ensure the success of this program, students are carefully selected, both on their academic and language skills and on their maturity.

Develop knowledge and know how to work in an international context

In addition to the validation of a dual degree, this unique experience abroad is also an opportunity for students:

  • to practice the teaching methods of MBA and MSc: work in multicultural project groups, exchanges with international frameworks resumption of studies, case methods and frantic work pace

  • to acquire an intellectual and professional maturity

  • to build a network of international contacts of the first rank.

Tripartite Program

INSEEC Business School students have the opportunity to follow their Master program in three different institutions in or outside Europe. All the establishments members of these tripartite agreements deliver their courses in English.

Students interested by this tripartite program must apply during their 1st year of INSEEC Business School program.

3 cities, 2 degrees, 1 global perspective

During the 1st year, students follow the 1st and the 2ns semesters at INSEEC Business School. They follow their 2nd year abroad: the semester 3 in a partner institution, the semester 4 in another. For their 3rd year, they come back to INSEEC Business School to achieve the Master program (semesters 5 and 6).

  • Smesters 1 et 2 at INSEEC

    INSEEC Business School

  • Semester 3 in Germany

    SRH University of Applied Sciences

  • Semester 4 abroad


    – SRH University of Applied Sciences

    – Griffith College

    – University of Granada

    – Bahçeşehir University

    – Marmara University

    – Autonomous University of Queretaro

    – Metropolitan University

  • Semesters 5 and 6 at INSEEC

    INSEEC Business School